Elizabeth Taylor would be Proud

Style. com gives us a glimpse of the earrings for Spring 2013. Three words BIG, GLITZY and INTENSE. Exactly why people like Lizzy Taylor would be proud. 

I’m a sucker for earrings myself. They’re absolutely my favorite thing to shop for all the time. 
After surfing through the earring catalog on Style.com. Ten pages to be exact! I narrowed down my selection to 7 of my favorites. Seven styles that any girl would love to have for Spring. Whether it be for a day out shopping or a romantic evening with your boo.
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Winter Window Displays

buurrrrrrrrrrrr…. the cold season has somewhat arrived to the Golden State. With it came… the window displays!
So I jumped on the 10 West and got the hell out of L.A. and into Santa Monica for an adventure.

Window shopping and research. I walked up and down 3rd street. I wanted to take some pictures of the window displays. My attempt to get any good pictures failed because of the sun. Darn you California sun! I did manage to get something though.


Gap has the jeans and straight up neon colors going on. Pink and blue sweaters and scarves. Let’s not forget the aqua leggings on the mannequin on the bottom. 
Guess keeping the color palette cool. Ribbed skirt and a biker jacket. Their color palette relies more on holiday colors with golds and silvers. Also black and blues. 
H & M
The worst pictures had to happen at my fav shop H & M. I enjoyed their window display… but whats up with the wigs on the mannequins. Who is this chick they seem to be parading around??? Don’t know, don’t care, the end. Let’s focus on the clothes shall. Let’s…. knitted sweater dresses are in, leggings in, creepy long hair wigs not in. 
After some walking I finally got to Santa Monica Place. Those three blocks were sure killer.. not!
Louis Vuitton

Well hello there! Vuitton sure got ready for the holidays with their snow flake displays. Isn’t it darling??? Indeed it is, I love the colors. Wonderful brown bags and shoes decked across the windows. If you get a chance go out and check out their window displays!
So after my failed pictures I moved into Nordstrom and took pictures there. On display I found these wonderful Alexander McQueen shoes.
I want you all to get a close up of these totally awesome shoes. The price tag for the black babies on the right… $1300. EEKKKK! They were amazing either way. I fell inlove with the red flats, I’m a flats kinda girl. Those were about $700. Still out of my budget… duh! haha They’re pretty to look at though.
Here are some more goodies I found while I was wandering around. Gold and black are a major color this season. Shiny! Sparkly and feminine is totally in!

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Gimme my Shades!!

Sunglasses, Shades, Raybans, hipstermadoes call them whatever you want. In the Sunshine state they’re needed all the time, anytime, especially during sundown. We’re ridiculous enough to wear them at night…


 The Hottie Poos
I love shades and when my last two broke I was devastated. Now I’m on the hunt to find some. Problem is the Summer is out and the only way to find any is shopping expensively. Something I’d love to do yet having a pair of Prada shades is not in my budget. 
So searching online I’ve found some options. 
1) Nordstrom online has some shades for reasonable prices. I love to make an entrance so bring on the colorful shades.

I still haven’t decided which ones I like most. They all look fun and wearable to me. 
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Fall Weather Brings Fall Style

This will probably be my longest post but it must be done, let us begin.

The Fall has arrived in California!!
With it comes the styles the so called Fashion icons predicted would be in our retail stores.
These past months we’ve gone through the runway shows and seen what all fashion designers brought to the stage.  Yes, now we’re seeing what Spring 2013 is bringing us, but let’s go back. 


Dolce and Gabbana
Alexander McQueen
Round it up and we had the main focus points on sheer fabrics, femininity, pattern, lace, large details, gold, red, black and white and shoulders. Now go out and get shopping for Fall!! Don’t forget your new pair of shades! 

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The Rain

So today it rained in California. We hadn’t seen rain in a while so it was nice. As dramatic as we can be when it comes to cold weather… all I wanted to do was get home, put on my jams and drink a hot coa coa. That’s exactly what I did!!

But in the process I dug through my closet and pulled out all my clothes. I separated by what I wanted to keep, what I wanted to donate, my Spring / Summer clothes and cardigans, shawls, scarfs, socks… the list goes on.

Point of my story is that I have way to many socks and not enough cardigans. ha!

So after realizing what I need and what I don’t have I went off to some websites and found this:

 This necklace 

These pants

Patterns and big jewels are in. Time to stock up on them! :)

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Patches: Before and After

Recycle is the keyword. Every garment that you toss in the trash still has life. A life thrown away! Tisk, Tisk. Well for this blog we’ll venture into the CRAZY world of SEW ON PATCHES! YAY! 


As you can see, small tears have taken over each pant leg. These tears had to be patched up asap. So I grabbed some thread, a ruler, a needle and some black fabric. Yes I said black fabric. That’s all I had, so I put it to good use. I went to town on it and voila!

Don’t they just look super CHIC! If there’s anymore tears I can add more patches and make it super stylish. ha ha ha! After a long days work I think I need myself a little break. Drag U time!

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Fresh and Easy: Before and After

My image was not selected for the contest. But it’s not the end of the world! A designer like myself will go through many contests, jobs, interviews and internships before being recognized or even acknowledged. The most important part of it all, it’s a learning experience. One will always learn from rejection only to become better. Stay inspired! Stay focused! Most of all like Ru Paul says, “You betta work!”. :) Cause nobody is gonna do it for you. To end this blog I leave you with my beginning sketch and my final contest image. 

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Clothing: Before and After

Here we go again. A new blouse was almost thrown away for the wrong reason. But I came to it’s rescue. The cause of damage, the dryer. The blouse was left inside for to long.

The problem as you can see is that the beads were tightly pulled together, the thread torn and beads torn off.

I took off all the beads and then re-assembled them back on the blouses collar. I made a unique pattern that still made it POP! Before you toss that garment away, think twice! During such hard times we have to learn how to recycle and re-use what we have.

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