Spring 2015: Jumpsuits

For those of you Fashionistas who are following the runway shows, this blog is for you. Are you ready for all the fun and fancy looks for Spring? Good! Because I wont be showing you any runway shows for Spring. Plus why would I? Those runway shows are like sooo last September.

Fine! I’ll give you a glimpse of Spring from the Spring Runway Ready to Wear 2015. Here you go: 

  • Do I know Balmain? Si. Adore! 

  • Valentino? Take my money and don’t give me the change!
Happy now? Ok, cool. Since I know that the majority of you wont be racing to these designer stores and sliding that credit card, for say $5,000. I give you some of my jumpsuit picks for Spring 2015, all under $100 bucks

The Jumpsuit Edition

  • Target

  • H & M

  • Urban Outfitters

  • JC Penney

Cheers, Araceli

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