Fashion Origami


A sign of beauty, patience and tranquility.

But did you know that this wonderful Japanese technique is being used in Fashion?
Take a look:

  • The use of inward folds. A Pattern
  • Vibrant color, delicate.
  • Boxes and folds. Perfect creases.
  • Sold color with pattern. 

  • Fashion Art

Amazing isn’t it? Inspirational! The things that one’s mind can come up with. I have been working on origami for the past couple of months. Let me tell you, this stuff is hard! Every fold must be exact, every step must be followed. Or else you’ll end up with some funky looking origami. What these designers have done is just amazing.
I’ve also started my own fashion origami, the beginning stages. Practice makes perfect you guys!
Check it out:
Green Dress

Yellow Dress
Cheers, Araceli
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Balmain 2015

Olivier Rousteing
For those of you who don’t know Olivier Rousteing.. I will inform you that the man is amazing. Sure, he looks like a kid. But damn, he’s managed to climb that Parisian Fashion ladder by the age of 25! He’s now the creative director for Balmain and has been keeping Balmain as one of the top fashion houses for the past 4 years.
Below, a glimpse of some of my favorite Balmain pieces Winter 2015.
  • Colorful fringe

  • Shimmer
  • Skirts
  • Elegance
  • Color

Cheers, Araceli

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Valentino Fall 2015 Black/White

Now, Italian isn’t my first language (Spanish) … nor is it my second (English)…. but all I have to say is… 


Valentino does it again ladies and gentlemen. The man has taken two of my favorite color combinations to make a perfect collection. Behold! My top ten.
Why I love them and what films they remind me of:
  • Why I love it? Black and white stripes that are flattering to the female figure.

  • Why I love it? Chic!

  • Why I love it? Leather, perfect length, perfect for Fall.
  • Why I love it? Elegant, weightless and sophisticated.
  • Why I love it? Modern design for city girls without feeling as though you’re in Little House on the Prairie. 
  • Why I love it? The collar and ruffly lace.
  • Why I love it? It’s almost like an elegant and beautiful armor. Women, we are warriors!
  • Why I love it? All the different geometrical shapes. It’s like a painting.

  • Why I love it? The design is so vintage and elegant.
  • Why I love it? Tulle. What girl doesn’t love tulle???
Cheers, Araceli
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Green Day

 © DC Comics
If there’s anything that Poison Ivy showed us, it was to never wear green lipstick. It’s tacky. Natural makeup is in and let’s focus on that shall we. Sure, none of us want to be pinched or cornered for not following the St. Patty’s day rule. You’d be amazed, adults still want to play the “you’re not wearing green!” game. 
Stick to the natural but throw in a little “pinch” of green where you can. Below I list you some fun and affordable products:
Below $10 dollars

Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art: Dessert Dazzle 
Brighten those eyes with a touch of green and gold.

Polish those nails with just the right green. Some of my favorites.
Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss: Emerald Blaze 50
Essie: Shake Your Money Maker
If wearing green eye shadow and nailpolish isn’t your thing. Here’s some fun fashions you can wear instead.
Below $50 dollars


H & M

Beach Weather

H & M 

Dinner Date with the Boo

H & M 

Lunch with friends in L.A.

H & M 
H & M 
Happy shopping! Cheers, Araceli
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Spring 2015: Jumpsuits

For those of you Fashionistas who are following the runway shows, this blog is for you. Are you ready for all the fun and fancy looks for Spring? Good! Because I wont be showing you any runway shows for Spring. Plus why would I? Those runway shows are like sooo last September.

Fine! I’ll give you a glimpse of Spring from the Spring Runway Ready to Wear 2015. Here you go: 

  • Do I know Balmain? Si. Adore! 

  • Valentino? Take my money and don’t give me the change!
Happy now? Ok, cool. Since I know that the majority of you wont be racing to these designer stores and sliding that credit card, for say $5,000. I give you some of my jumpsuit picks for Spring 2015, all under $100 bucks

The Jumpsuit Edition

  • Target

  • H & M

  • Urban Outfitters

  • JC Penney

Cheers, Araceli

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Welcome to Japan

For months and months my boyfriend and I have been watching a television network called NHK World: World Japan. The network is based on broadcasting Japanese television shows based in Japan to the US. It’s a super fun network and we literally watch it everyday! I’m watching it right now. Because of it we’ve wanted to actually go to Japan and throw ourselves into the culture even if we don’t know the language. 
Last night, after returning from spending a rainy day in Disneyland I stayed up just to watch an episode of Kawaii Japanese Street Style clothing. If none of you have ever heard of this, it’s a fashion style for Japanese teenagers. It’s not just worn by teenagers, also Japanese adults like to incorporate this Harajuku style into their clothing. I’ve known of it for years but have never really payed attention to it until now that I watch NHK. Gwen Stefani was probably one of the first to bring this style to our attention but I never figured what the point is. It’s so fun to watch and even do if you’re daring. 
Last nights episode on Kawaii, they focused on how the teenagers are incorporating animals into their Harajuku style. 

I’ve pretty much focused on the girls as you can tell. Anywho, they incorporate animals into their style. There’s those girls who are hard core over the top and those girls who just add a hint here and there. As you can tell, they’ve even started incorporating Disney into their looks. As far as I know Disneyland is selling these super cute tsum tsum characters that you can stack up. They have them in tiny version up to pillow version at Disneyland.
I’ve wanted to have some for my desks, just haven’t figured when. lol They do sell them in the United States. 
According to articles,  in Disney Japan they’ve even made handbags out of the characters. These unfortunately aren’t sold in the United States. Girls in Japan incorporate these into their Harajuku Style. 
Aren’t they adorable? Any Disney lover would LOVE one. Even this one. FUN!
This is such a fun style to follow and even incorporate in your daily day. Here are some fun American pieces we can all wear and have fun with. Enjoy:

These adorable shoes you can find in Mod Cloth. I’m heading to order my own two pairs. Super cute!

Super cute coin purses in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California.

Keep it soft and classy this Spring.
Cheers! Araceli

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Ed Wood Eat Your Heart Out!

A classic scene. A classic film, one of my favorite films to be precise. Ed Wood, was one of the big blockbusters in 1994 by Director Tim Burton. Winner of two Oscars. The film is based on film director Ed Wood who was an inspiration to Tim Burton growing up. Ed Wood’s film career never lead to anything great. He was also a cross dresser, something that Tim Burton portrayed in the film.  
I know, you’re all wondering where this blog is headed. Where’s the Fashion Araceli? And how does this even involve fashion? 
Well look, I’m Los Angeles born and raised. You can’t blame me for being inspired by the film industry, I was around it nearly every single day of my life. Hence, I occasionally work in it when I can.
Yes, that  is Johnny Depp dressed like a woman. Yes, he is wearing that fabulous Angora sweater. 
What’s Angora you ask? Where does it come from?
Well it’s a natural fiber that comes from this little furry friend:
Isn’t he adorable! You just want to squeeze him! Cutie
Ever since I saw this film I have been in search of a fabulous angora sweater for myself. On such a cloudy, cold and soon to be rainy California day I wish I had one! It’s time to find that perfect Angora sweater for these rainy California days to come. Stay warm my fellow Californians! 
I leave you with Angora sweaters to keep you warm and toasty. XOXOXOX


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87th Academy Awards: The Oscars at their best 2015

L.A. born and raised, no better place to be. Where the sun shines almost all 365 days.

For some odd reason it’s rained on Oscar Sunday for the past two years. But like they say in Hollywood, rain or shine, “the SHOW must go on”.

It’s a day when Hollywood dolls themselves up: make-up, hair, shoes, dress, and shows off their best assets. Whatever it is, it’s perfect that day. But only so many can pull it off.

For those who cross the finish line without being attacked or humiliated by the fashion police, it’s a day of victory. I had to cut my list to MY top ten favorites. I present to you the winners in all their glory:

For those who didn’t make the list, there’s always next year. Choose your wardrobe wisely! Don’t let people tell you, you look good if you really don’t feel it. 
Cheers! Araceli

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Back On The Wagon

So I’ve fallen off the wagon and have landed with a BIG THUMP! A year to be exact. One whole stinkin year of not designing or making anything. Here and there I would get movie gigs which calls I never returned. I didn’t feel the drive to chase those opportunities. I didn’t have the time to give them. I wanted to work on my own things. Focus on myself.

 I stitched some fun pin cushions and embroidered some Mexican napkins.

Cute aren’t they? I know, i’m a pretty crafty chick. 
If you care to follow my work follow this link : Rogelia Couture
There’s great things to come! Follow me and see!

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In the words of Freddie Mercury… “The show must go on!”

Dress One for June

Days of completion: 3 Days

Fabric: Baby Blue Eyelet Cotton

From: Mexico

Notions: 22 inch Zipper

Inspirations: Audrey Hepburn, Valentino

Size: 24 in Misses

Season: Summer

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