Fashion Origami


A sign of beauty, patience and tranquility.

But did you know that this wonderful Japanese technique is being used in Fashion?
Take a look:

  • The use of inward folds. A Pattern
  • Vibrant color, delicate.
  • Boxes and folds. Perfect creases.
  • Sold color with pattern. 

  • Fashion Art

Amazing isn’t it? Inspirational! The things that one’s mind can come up with. I have been working on origami for the past couple of months. Let me tell you, this stuff is hard! Every fold must be exact, every step must be followed. Or else you’ll end up with some funky looking origami. What these designers have done is just amazing.
I’ve also started my own fashion origami, the beginning stages. Practice makes perfect you guys!
Check it out:
Green Dress

Yellow Dress
Cheers, Araceli
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