Valentino Fall 2015 Black/White

Now, Italian isn’t my first language (Spanish) … nor is it my second (English)…. but all I have to say is… 


Valentino does it again ladies and gentlemen. The man has taken two of my favorite color combinations to make a perfect collection. Behold! My top ten.
Why I love them and what films they remind me of:
  • Why I love it? Black and white stripes that are flattering to the female figure.

  • Why I love it? Chic!

  • Why I love it? Leather, perfect length, perfect for Fall.
  • Why I love it? Elegant, weightless and sophisticated.
  • Why I love it? Modern design for city girls without feeling as though you’re in Little House on the Prairie. 
  • Why I love it? The collar and ruffly lace.
  • Why I love it? It’s almost like an elegant and beautiful armor. Women, we are warriors!
  • Why I love it? All the different geometrical shapes. It’s like a painting.

  • Why I love it? The design is so vintage and elegant.
  • Why I love it? Tulle. What girl doesn’t love tulle???
Cheers, Araceli
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