Welcome to Japan

For months and months my boyfriend and I have been watching a television network called NHK World: World Japan. The network is based on broadcasting Japanese television shows based in Japan to the US. It’s a super fun network and we literally watch it everyday! I’m watching it right now. Because of it we’ve wanted to actually go to Japan and throw ourselves into the culture even if we don’t know the language. 
Last night, after returning from spending a rainy day in Disneyland I stayed up just to watch an episode of Kawaii Japanese Street Style clothing. If none of you have ever heard of this, it’s a fashion style for Japanese teenagers. It’s not just worn by teenagers, also Japanese adults like to incorporate this Harajuku style into their clothing. I’ve known of it for years but have never really payed attention to it until now that I watch NHK. Gwen Stefani was probably one of the first to bring this style to our attention but I never figured what the point is. It’s so fun to watch and even do if you’re daring. 
Last nights episode on Kawaii, they focused on how the teenagers are incorporating animals into their Harajuku style. 

I’ve pretty much focused on the girls as you can tell. Anywho, they incorporate animals into their style. There’s those girls who are hard core over the top and those girls who just add a hint here and there. As you can tell, they’ve even started incorporating Disney into their looks. As far as I know Disneyland is selling these super cute tsum tsum characters that you can stack up. They have them in tiny version up to pillow version at Disneyland.
I’ve wanted to have some for my desks, just haven’t figured when. lol They do sell them in the United States. 
According to articles,  in Disney Japan they’ve even made handbags out of the characters. These unfortunately aren’t sold in the United States. Girls in Japan incorporate these into their Harajuku Style. 
Aren’t they adorable? Any Disney lover would LOVE one. Even this one. FUN!
This is such a fun style to follow and even incorporate in your daily day. Here are some fun American pieces we can all wear and have fun with. Enjoy:

These adorable shoes you can find in Mod Cloth. I’m heading to order my own two pairs. Super cute!

Super cute coin purses in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California.

Keep it soft and classy this Spring.
Cheers! Araceli

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  1. Great article on Japanese style!! Very creative and interesting.

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