Ed Wood Eat Your Heart Out!

A classic scene. A classic film, one of my favorite films to be precise. Ed Wood, was one of the big blockbusters in 1994 by Director Tim Burton. Winner of two Oscars. The film is based on film director Ed Wood who was an inspiration to Tim Burton growing up. Ed Wood’s film career never lead to anything great. He was also a cross dresser, something that Tim Burton portrayed in the film.  
I know, you’re all wondering where this blog is headed. Where’s the Fashion Araceli? And how does this even involve fashion? 
Well look, I’m Los Angeles born and raised. You can’t blame me for being inspired by the film industry, I was around it nearly every single day of my life. Hence, I occasionally work in it when I can.
Yes, that  is Johnny Depp dressed like a woman. Yes, he is wearing that fabulous Angora sweater. 
What’s Angora you ask? Where does it come from?
Well it’s a natural fiber that comes from this little furry friend:
Isn’t he adorable! You just want to squeeze him! Cutie
Ever since I saw this film I have been in search of a fabulous angora sweater for myself. On such a cloudy, cold and soon to be rainy California day I wish I had one! It’s time to find that perfect Angora sweater for these rainy California days to come. Stay warm my fellow Californians! 
I leave you with Angora sweaters to keep you warm and toasty. XOXOXOX


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