Gimme my Shades!!

Sunglasses, Shades, Raybans, hipstermadoes call them whatever you want. In the Sunshine state they’re needed all the time, anytime, especially during sundown. We’re ridiculous enough to wear them at night…


 The Hottie Poos
I love shades and when my last two broke I was devastated. Now I’m on the hunt to find some. Problem is the Summer is out and the only way to find any is shopping expensively. Something I’d love to do yet having a pair of Prada shades is not in my budget. 
So searching online I’ve found some options. 
1) Nordstrom online has some shades for reasonable prices. I love to make an entrance so bring on the colorful shades.

I still haven’t decided which ones I like most. They all look fun and wearable to me. 
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