Winter Window Displays

buurrrrrrrrrrrr…. the cold season has somewhat arrived to the Golden State. With it came… the window displays!
So I jumped on the 10 West and got the hell out of L.A. and into Santa Monica for an adventure.

Window shopping and research. I walked up and down 3rd street. I wanted to take some pictures of the window displays. My attempt to get any good pictures failed because of the sun. Darn you California sun! I did manage to get something though.


Gap has the jeans and straight up neon colors going on. Pink and blue sweaters and scarves. Let’s not forget the aqua leggings on the mannequin on the bottom. 
Guess keeping the color palette cool. Ribbed skirt and a biker jacket. Their color palette relies more on holiday colors with golds and silvers. Also black and blues. 
H & M
The worst pictures had to happen at my fav shop H & M. I enjoyed their window display… but whats up with the wigs on the mannequins. Who is this chick they seem to be parading around??? Don’t know, don’t care, the end. Let’s focus on the clothes shall. Let’s…. knitted sweater dresses are in, leggings in, creepy long hair wigs not in. 
After some walking I finally got to Santa Monica Place. Those three blocks were sure killer.. not!
Louis Vuitton

Well hello there! Vuitton sure got ready for the holidays with their snow flake displays. Isn’t it darling??? Indeed it is, I love the colors. Wonderful brown bags and shoes decked across the windows. If you get a chance go out and check out their window displays!
So after my failed pictures I moved into Nordstrom and took pictures there. On display I found these wonderful Alexander McQueen shoes.
I want you all to get a close up of these totally awesome shoes. The price tag for the black babies on the right… $1300. EEKKKK! They were amazing either way. I fell inlove with the red flats, I’m a flats kinda girl. Those were about $700. Still out of my budget… duh! haha They’re pretty to look at though.
Here are some more goodies I found while I was wandering around. Gold and black are a major color this season. Shiny! Sparkly and feminine is totally in!

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